Match Play
Competition on a hole-by-hole basis taking into account handicap.
Whichever player or team wins the most holes during the round is the winner. If a player is up by more holes than are left to play he/she is declared the winner at that point

Stroke or Medal Play
The object is to complete 18 holes in as few strokes as possible.
Medal is the gross score less the competitors handicap.
A player who fails to complete any hole is disqualified from these competitions

This is a competition where points are awarded at each hole as follows:
Nett bogey – one over par, 1 point
Nett par, 2 points
Nett birdie – one under par, 3 points
Nett eagle – two under par, 4 points
Nett albatross – three under par, 5 points
The winner is the competitor who scores the highest number of points.
If the handicap is more than 18, two strokes are allowed on the number of holes that the handicap exceeds. Each of these strokes will be taken in the stroke index order (18th stroke index being the easiest hole on the course and the 1st the hardest).
For example, if a player’s handicap is 22 they shall receive 1 stroke on each hole and 2 strokes on the 4 holes ranked 1 to 4 on the stroke index.

Bogey and Par matches are similar to match play, You either win, lose or halve the hole.
After entering the stroke score on the card and taking into account your handicap, mark the result with a + (nett score better than par) sign for a win, a 0 for a half (nett score equal to par) and a – (nett score equal to bogey or worse) for a loss.
At the end of the round the plus and minus signs are totalled and the nett result read as up, down or all square

Two players playing against two other players. The best score of each combination (usually on each hole) determines the winner. This is usually played in match play form.

Two players play against two other players. Each side plays only one ball and shots are played alternatively by each player. The order of play is not affected by penalty shots.

Canadian Foursome
Teams of two, both players tee off, the captain chooses the best drive and then play alternate shots as in a foursome

American Foursome
Teams of two, both players tee off then each player plays the others ball once then the captain chooses the best ball as in a foursome

African or Multiple Stableford
Teams of two, both play a stableford, at the completion of each hole both stableford points are multiplied to establish a score i.e. 2x2=4. 3x1=3. 3x0=0. 3x3=9

In its basic form, after everyone has driven, the best tee-shot is selected and everyone takes their second shot from that point, and so on into the hole.
It can by played with two-person teams or by teams of four or more playing against each other.
It is generally accepted when playing stableford or par rounds, once the player has had sufficient shots not to be able to score, to speed the play the ball may be picked up.
For handicapping purposes if this happens a score of one over the fixed score should be recorded and ringed

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