Think Water Shootout Qualifiers 2020

thinkwater200The 'Think Water Timaru' Shootout Trophy is played over 10 nominated Saturdays & is open to all members irrespective of grade.

The player with the best nett for that day wins the right to play for the trophy. The final of the Think Water Timaru Shootout for 2018 will be held in October. Winners will receive free club membership the following year.
Thanks to Grant Colliar & Think Water Timaru for supporting this event
2020 Mens Qualifiers
Date Qualifier Score
January  Dave Mathieson  Nett 67
February  Peter Bennett  Nett 64
March  Ross Giles  Nett 63
April  Steve Le Lievre  Nett 69 
May  Lyal Cullen  Nett 70
June  Kevin McElhinney   Nett 67
July  Ian Blakemore  Nett 67
August  Donald Turner   Nett 66 
September  Ian McEwen  Nett 65
October  John Dewar  
  Winner 2020: Donald Turner
2020 Womens Qualifiers
Date Qualifier Score
January Shelley Flintoft Nett 64
February Wendy Eaton Nett 66
March Rose Allison Nett 74
April Heather Mills  Nett 69 
May Sharyn Kake  Nett 70
June Bev Betts   Nett 69 
July Ann Whitley Nett 72
August Eunice Simpson Nett 67 
September Ali Barrett Nett 68 
October Christine Macgregor Nett 71 
  Winner 2020: Eunice Simpson


Women's Open Tournament 
19 March 2021
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