Women's Winners 2018 Aorangi Motors Sponsored teams Tournament.  Dot's Girls - Trish Crump, Dorothy Southby, Diane Sutherland, Brenda McEwen

Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Sue Bennett is the August Shootout Qualifier with net 63
Checkout all the entrants of the 2018 Shootout here

Women's Club Champions 2017.

Silver: Ali Barrett won from Bev Green
Bronze 1: Cath Boothroyd won from Heather McKerchar
Bronze 2: Rosemary Rhodes won from Judith Rees
Bronze 3: Noeline Scully from Gay Henderson


5th Giles & Putting 8th August

Winner over Field: M O’Neill 95-30-65, 30 putts
0-23: J Allan 81-14-67, M Bower 90-20-70, H McKerchar 91-20-71
24-28: M Davis 98-27-71, D Sutherland 96-25-71, R Westgarth 96-24-72, R Rhodes 100-27-73
29-33: M O’Neill, H Mills 98-29-69, P Mack 99-29-70, N Scully 104-32-72
34-54: L Basill 107-38-69 by lot L Callon 105-36-69, G Henderson 108-39-69
Putting: H Mills 27, H McKerchar 28, L Basill 28, M Davis 29
Nearest Pin: M O’Neill

9 Holes
Stablefords 3rd August

Scores: V Biggs 19, I McDonald 18, G McKirdy 18, C Hollamby 17

 27th July

Most 1 putts: P Davison 3, S Spooner 3, V Biggs 2, G McKirdy 2

Ena McFetrich Trophy Par Round 1st August

Winner over Field: J Rees 96-28-68 5 up
0-23: J Allan 4up, B Green 1up
24-28: J Rees, S Kake 3up, D Sutherland 3up
29-33: H Mills 4up, P Mack 4up, M O’Neill 3up, M McIlraith 2up
34-54: G Henderson 1up, M Allnutt sq, M Beck 1d by lot M Bloomfield
Nearest Pin: H McKerchar
Two: H McKerchar

Teams Tournament 30th July

Scores: Mt. Nessing Minx 133 Stablefords, Fully Charged (Waimatete) 132, Fairlie Floozies 128,
Four of Us (Pleasant Point) 126, Girls on the Hil (Gleniti) 125,
Mayfield Magic 124 by lot I Dunno’s (Lower Waitaki) 124, Foxy Magpies (Temuka) 123,
by lot Pic & Mix (Pleasant Point) by lot Allsort (Waimate, Maungati, St Andrews) 123
Nearest Pin:
0-20: S Silcock (Geraldine)
21-29: A Blair & L Mulligan (Mayfield)
30-40: P Duffy (Maungati)
Open: R Allison (Pleasant Point)
Twos: A Blair, L Mulligan, M Walker, H Tarrant, I Palmer, S Lane, R Allison

4th Stableford 25th July

Winner over Field: C Boothroyd 38 by lot R Westgarth
0-23: C Boothroyd, J Allan 37 by lot M Bower, A Barrett 36, H McKerchar 36.
24-28: R Westgarth 38, S Kake 36, D Sutherland 35
29-33: M O’Neill 36 by lot H Mills, D Campbell 35 by lot R Harper
34-54: M Allnutt 32, L Callon 31, B Betts 28
Nearest Pin: M O’Neill.
Two: P Mack

8th LGU & Shootout 18th July

Winner over Field: S Bennett 86-23-63
0-18: T Crump 78-11-67, B Green 87-14-73, J Allan 89-14-75
19-24: S Bennett, D Sutherland 96-24-72, R Allison 94-21-73
25-30: W Eaton 95-29-66, J Rees 102-28-74, H Mills 103-29-74, H Love 101-25-76
31-40: D Campbell 101-31-70, B Betts 109-35-74, H Beck 116-40-76
41-54: M Bloomfield 122-42-80, J Wild 125-43-82
Nearest Pin: J Allan.
Two’s: H McKerchar, M Bower.

4BBB Stableford 11th July

Winners over field: A Barrett & A Ulrich 45.
Others: M McIlraith & J Greer 44, J Allan & Rosa Westgarth 43 by lot R Rhodes & L Callon 43 M Bower & S Kake 41.
Nearest Pin: R Rhodes.

9 Holes

Hat em Holes 6th July:

Scores: E Ward 45, V Biggs, P Davison.

3 Blind Mice, 29th June:

Scores: G McKirdy 33, C Hollamby 34, V Biggs 35

Stableford, 22nd June:

Scores: V Biggs 18, J McLaughlin 16, G McKirdy 16, I McDonald 13.

9 Holes Putting 15th June

Scores: C Hollamby 17, C Harkness 18, E Ward 18, V Biggs 18.


Open Tournament 9th July

0-22: Best Nett: A Burrows, Geraldine, 92-22-70 on count back.
Stableford: A Barrett, Pleasant Point, 38 on count back from J Studholme, Waimate, 38,
L Beattie, St Andrews, 37 on count back from Colleen Gibbs, Geraldine, 37, H McKerchar, Pleasant Point, 36
Nearest Pin: R Best Pleasant Point
23-30: Best Nett: Joan Greer Pleasant Point 99-29-70 on count back
Stableford: M Gregan, Geraldine, 38 on count back, J Shearer, Pleasant Point, 38, C Darby, Temuka, 37,
G Frew, Gleniti, 35 on count back from J Rees, Pleasant Point, 35, P Mack, Pleasant Point, 35
Nearest Pin: P Mack, Pleasant Point
31-40: Best Nett: S McKenzie, Waimate 101-32-69
Stableford: M Glass, Mt Nessing, 36 on count back from A Morrison, Mt Nessing, 36 on count back from N Scully, Pleasant Point, 36
Nearest Pin: S McKenzie, Waimate
Nearest Pin Open: D Campbell, Pleasant Point.
Two: D Campbell



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