Thinkwater Timaru Shootout

Eunice Simpson is the 2020 Women's Shootout winner
Checkout all the qualifiers for the 2020 Shootout here

 Women's Club Champions 2020.

Silver: Trish Crump from Ali Barrett 7/6
Bronze 1: Rosa Westgarth from Lyn Blaikie 7/5
Bronze 2: Marg O'Neill from Rosemary Rhodes 3/2 
Bronze 3: Harrilyn Beck from Gay Henderson 2/1

29-7-2020 Ena McFetrich Trophy, Par Round

Winner of the Trophy: Ann Whitley 4 up
0-23: B McEwen 3 up, S Kake 3 up, T Crump  3up, A Guthrie 1 d
24-28: W Eaton 3 up, J Greer 2 up, H Love 2 d,
29-36: A Whitley 4 up, E Simpson 1 up, R Harper Square, N Scully 1 d by lot B Betts 1 d
37-54: C Telfer 3 up, G Henderson 1 up
Twos: T Crump No 16, S Flintoft No 4, S Brosnahan No 2
NTP: S Flintoft


Pleasant Point Women's Teams Tournament Results 27-7-2020

1st Talking Point - Pl Pt, 2nd Mt Nessing - Minx, Mt Nessing 3rd, No Idea - Pl Pt, 4th Fairway Birdies - Timaru,
5th Beverlies Buddies - Pl Pt, 6th Fab Four - Temuka, 7th Girls over the Hill - Pl Pt/Gleniti,
8th Pick n Mix - Pl Pt/Fairlie/Gleniti, 9th Who's Who - Gleniti, 10th Perfect Pointers - Pl Pt,
11th Country Rovers - Lower Waitaki ,12th Brandon Birdies - Ashburton, 13th Foxy Magpies - Temuka,
14th Team Tigers - Tinwald
0-20: L Brown - Timaru
21-29: C Boothroyd - Pl Pt
30-40: S Eaves - Mt Nessing
Open: P Mack - Pl Pt
Two's: J Ford, F Mulvey, H Mills, S Eaves, L Brown, J Hawke, P Mack

Pleasant Point Ladies 9 Hole Golf Results 24-7-2020

1st J Moynihan 32, 2nd A Cournane 34, 3rd J Wild 36

Women's Open Tournament 
19 March 2021
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