Junior Golf

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Junior coaching is available to junior members of our club and others wanting to learn to play golf.  Coaching will resume in October 2023 and will be held at the practice area every Sunday at 10am. All are welcome. Lessons are planned to encourage children to learn the variety of skills in golf while incorporating fun games and the opportunity to play on the golf course and are provided in a safe environment. We encourage parents to join in.

We have a practice fairway, practice green, nine hole course no longer than 1500m, maximum length of a hole is approximately 225m, for children to develop and enjoy their golf. Pleasant Point also provides the opportunity for junior members to compete at different levels from beginner tournaments.
Junior Coaching

For junior boys and girls with or without handicaps coaching clinics are on Sunday mornings, weather permitting.

Venue: The practice area on the front nine (can come in the gate on the Pleasant Point Highway)

Time: 10am - 11am Sunday mornings - Restarts daylight saving in the Spring 2024

Contact: Neville Burt - 027 614 8121


Parents and Juniors please check this website regularly for any other developments and updates especially junior tournaments that will be advertised throughout the year. These tournaments will be played at various Golf clubs in the Aorangi Region and we will post a timetable here as soon as we receive it.