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Welcome to our new look July Newsletter

No 31 - July 2022


Presidents Report

Our challenge for the last month has been the big wet.

There has been nearly 100mm of rain over the past month, and the course has held up very well with minimal damage.

We all need to be respectful of the course as it is so easy to do some damage with our clubs, trundlers or carts.

At our monthly committee meeting, it was decided to go ahead with the improvement of our irrigation system starting shortly.

Doesn't it seem crazy talking about irrigation when we have an excess of water at present, although the "experts" are talking about a hot summer for Canterbury this coming summer.

The mound behind the 16th green is going to be planted out soon, with a planting plan being posted on the noticeboard.

We are hoping there might be some people who might like to donate some money to help pay for the plants.

If you would like to help, please talk to Neville, or anyone from the committee.

Thanks in advance.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for any changes in Course conditions.

It is great to see this page being used showing an array of golf achievements throughout the region and also any relevant golf notices.

Thank you Di for getting this up and running.

Hope to see as many of you as possible out golfing in the coming weeks.

Stay warm and dry

Happy golfing



Upcoming Bookings & Tournaments

We have a number of bookings coming through for our Course for the next few months.

1.  25 July -Womens 4BBB Teams Tournament

2. 12 August - Aorangi Pennants 9 holers 10.30am start x40

3. 14 August - Booking Ashburton MSA Golf Section x25    @10.30 

4.  21 August – Mens Pennants x80 

5.  12 October - NZ Masters Games  @ PPGC 

6.  28 September @ PPGC - 3 Course Challenge (Geraldine, Temuka)


Remember for those without the internet - the Club phone is updated regularly with a recorded message regarding course conditions.


Women Report - Heather Mills

Congratulations to Ali Barrett & Angela Curry winning the Methven Jug for best nett not in the winning team at the Stylemaster Tournament. Along with Rose Allison & Joan Greer they 2nd overall.

A number of our Ladies featured in the prizes at the Gleniti 4 Ball, well done.

Thanks to Judy Hamer for organizing  Saturday Ladies Golf now in the absence of the injured Wendy Eaton.


Please  wipe tables and leave Clubhouse tidy.


         New Members

Welcome to our new members for June & July. 

Geoff  & Angela Gray, Blake Davidson, Jared Hunt, Gareth Burgess, Mikayla Hunter  YP,  Marty Wilson, John Hunt & Sandie Sharland, Dorothy Wilson YP, Lachlan White YP, James Atwill YP, Lukas Kelliher  YP, Matthew Cairns YP, Noah Blyth YP,  Zyan Pinamonti YP, Jordan Cormack  YP, Marco Olivier YP, Joshua Paisley.

Please remember to welcome our new members some of whom are our neighbours.   We look forward to you gaining a handicap soon and feeling confident to join in with us on club days.

Club Membership as at July

Men         224

Women     83

Total        307


 Bar & Opening Clubhouse Roster


23 - 24   I Frew

30 - 31   B Hutcheson


  6 - 7       M Dash

13 - 14   N Burt 

20 - 21    Carol & Peter Dixon

27 - 28   S Kake

Thursday Bar Roster


28    M Ussher


 4   Colin Taylor

11   Neville Burt

18   PP Country Ambrose Tournament

25   I McEwen

Clubhouse Opening Roster

July –  P Theron    

August - N Burt


Change for any Club Course Purchases

The Club is now implementing a new order system for any purchases that are made by anyone.  Unless invoices are received with a pre approved order number (must be approved by Greenkeeper Damian or Grounds Convenor Neville)  payments will not be made.  Order book will be in Greenkeepers Shed.


Course Report - Neville Burt

Car Park Potholes at entranceway and in park proper need attention. Intention is to remove the existing potholes and add some fresh shingle to those area requiring it.

No 3 Fairway has been extended by 1 mower width cut as earlier requested by lady members.

No 7 Fairway has been extended by approx. 25m back towards the yellow tee area.

No 16 Yellow tees – I visited this area with 3 ladies members to discuss remediation of the tee contour. Agreed that the existing tee height remains the same but extend the tee area by levelling with soil the undulating area across to the adjacent garden.

Planting plan to be completed costing appro $1100 for the new mound behind the existing no 16 green. We invite our members to contribute towards funding the planting. List on notice board in main Clubhouse.

Oregon Forest trees Recently a Forester from Port Blakely Ltd looked at the Oregon trees planted between No18 and No16 to assess what was the existing value of the trees plus provide a professional opinion on their future.In short – assessed as being 3 unit loads of logs in total with 2 loads suitable for structural timber milling and one load for export via Timaru Port. When asked what return the club would receive and answer was virtually nothing. Due to cost of bringing in forestry logging equipment for 1 day’s work. When asked if there was more value as firewood the answer was yes however his final comments were ‘if these were mine, I would leave as is for another 10 years and then look at again.’ Meantime he recommended removing all those mishappen trees from both areas to allow the existing trees to grow out better. There are around 12 trees that need removing and as smaller trees could be done by our volunteers. Recommendation is that we go ahead and complete this work once a final assessment has been completed.

Course Committee Recommendation No 7 That we construct new mounds down No7 fairway [when and if suitable fill material becomes available)- to allow direct off loading and eliminate stockpiling opposite the existing mound on LHS -small and secondly extend the existing new mound back up to the first large conifer tree.  This will require the removal of the remaining 2 northern most conifer trees. Further plant a new tree in front of the existing conifer as a replacement.

Likewise remove the large old conifer on the opposite site and also plant a new tree in front of this as a replacement. 

I would not envisage any of these trees being removed for at least another 2 years.

Work Already Approved 

It is intended to fell the golden conifer tree [opposite 90m mark on 12] within the next few weeks weather permitting.

The 3 conifers on No 14 which we were hoping to fell this winter have been put back due to weather and availability of arborist. At best we might be able to fell one tree this winter and leave the remaining ones till next winter. Again this is dependent on weather and time - we have a number of tournaments coming up in the spring and cleaning up this area is likely to take a few weeks to restore.

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