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Happy Golfing New Year

If your name was missing from the New Years Honours list don't worry you are still an important member of our Club.

A lot has been happening over the holiday season around the Golf Club.



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Brian & Rob

Recently our management committee recommended that Brian Green and Rob Mansfield  be given honorary full memberships.

Acknowledging them for all their voluntary hours as well as being loyal members of our Club.

Their tremendous input and dedication during all kinds of weather is truely appreciated by all Club members.

Thank you Rob & Brian

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Cath Boothroyd

Hole in one on the 16th Hole,

Wednesday 21 December 2022.

Well Done.


Subscriptions 1 January - 31 December  Due Now

By now you should have all received your subscription invoices please note if your circumstances have changed please contact Secretary or Treasurer

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Darrell Milne

Hole in One on the 4th Hole, New Years Day.

Well Done.


Green Fee Players

There have been a large number of green fee players out over the holiday season and it is pleasing to see they are using internet banking as well as the Q Code Scan system.

Checks were carried out periodically with all players either being members or displaying green fee tags.

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Welcome to all new members

We welcome all new members to our Club many have changed from Associate members to full  members.

Also welcome to Jared Hunts 8 year old son Archie who has just joined as a junior member.  According to his Mum Archie doesnt think it matters how many shots it takes! First to sink the putt is the winner.

What a great attitude its all about having fun at this age.


As newspapers results are on holiday, here are the latest results.

Results 15 Dec - Open Stableford. WOF: Colin Taylor 39 points by c/b, Other Scores G Hallett 39, D Brown 38, J Dewar 38,

J Pitchford 38, C Eddington 38, G Emond  37, J Heke 37, G Wallace 37, T Allison 37, A Mangum 37.

Twos: J Pitchford.

NTP: B Ogier.

Moro Bar: B Hutcheson.

17 Dec 2022 - Captain's Choice – Irish Stableford - Yellow Tees

WOF - Jacques Volschenk 87 Points. Other Scores: Sen - A Kelliher 78,  M Tessier 77,  C Burnett 76, J Shaw 75 by c/b.

Inter: P Dixon 80,  G Crump 78 by c/b, 3 R McDonald 78,  M Hargadon 77.

Jun A:  R Giles 72,  I Frew 71,  C Eddington 66.

Jun B: G Hallett 75, M Sutherland 69, I Rogers 67.

Women :  Michelle Bower 81,  J Rees 78,  M Hargadon 73.

Twos:  S Ballantyne,  J MacPherson, C Eddington, H Rodgers, A Kelliher (2), M Tessier (2), R McDonald.

NTP: M Tessier.

Jackpot Hole: 10th hole - D Milne.

22 Dec 2022 – Open Stableford. WOF: Donald Turner 40, N Seaton 38,

I McEwen 37, S Geddes 37, R Giles 36, N Burt 36,

R McDonald 36, A Mangum 36, C Taylor 36.

Twos: D Turner, M Hargadon, A Mangum.

Moro Bar: F Rao


24 Dec 2022 – Stableford. WOF - Liam Parker 39 Points.

Other Scores: Sen:  M Ussher 35 by c/b, B Ogier 35.

Inter: G Wallace 38, G Kennewell 37.

Jun A: S Ballantyne 36, J McGlashan 35.

Jun B: D Turner 37 by c/b, T Howey 37.

Women:  Daphne Campbell 36,  D Roddick 34.

Twos: B Ogier, L Parker, C Turner, A Kelliher, M Ussher.

NTP: A Kelliher.

Jackpot Hole: 18th hole - D Turner


26 Dec 2022 – Boxing Day Stableford. WOF:  Darrell Milne 37,

Other Scores J Paul 35,  P Theron 34, J Shaw 33, Daphne Campbell 32,  B Grant 30 by c/b.


29 Dec – Open Stableford.

WOF: Brenda McEwen 40 by c/b 40, Other Scores L Morrison 40, P Johnston 38, A Mangum 37, R McDonald 37, G Hallet 36, M Mathews 36, Bev Green 36, J Grigor 35.

Twos: P Theron, G Kake.

NTP: B Ogier.

Moro Bar: R Davis.


31 Dec 2022 – Stableford.

WOF:  Judith Rees 40 Points c/b. Other Scores: Sen:  C Burnett 38,  I McEwan 37,  P Theron 36.

Inter:  P Hills 39,  G Kennewell 38 c/b), G Goodger 38.

Jun A: M Hargadon 36 c/b, L  Rees 36,  P Roddick 35.

Jun B: I Rogers 40,  C Eddington 37,  G Hallett 36.

Womens: Heather Mills 40,  S Flintoft 35 c/b,  D Roddick 35.

Twos:  C Burnett,  A Kelliher,  N Burt, S Flintoft.

NTP: D Gilkison.

Jackpot Hole:  12th hole - A Kelliher, D Gilkison.

1 Jan 2023 - New Years Day Open Stableford.

What a great start to the year, with Darrell Milne scoring a hole-in-one on the 4th & Gerard Kennewell slotting an eagle on the 1st.

Men:  Mac Kelliher 38, A Kelliher 36, G Kennewell 34), D Milne 33,  P Hills 31 c/b, P Theron 31.

Women:  Shelly Flintoft 40, J Hamer 35,  D Campbell 29.

5 Jan 2023 – Open Stableford.

WOF: Greg Shearer 42, Other Scores R McDonald 40 by c/b, J Pitchford 40, P Dixon 40,

S Pilcher 38 by c/b, H Rodgers 38, B Stack 37 by c/b, C Eddington 37, P Collins 37,

 P Roddick 36 by  c/b, C Miller 36, N Kelly 36, S Le Lievre 36.

Twos: R McDonald, T Johnson, G Shearer, G Giles, Annie Shearer, C Miller on 17.

NTP: M Ford.

Moro Bar: B Taylor.


Important upcoming events - make sure you are entered - check Club noticeboard

  • Sunday 15 January - Teams Stableford Tournament  - 12 noon
  • Sunday 22 January - Club Workingbee 10am - 12 noon followed by Sausage Sizzle.
  • Monday 6 February - Centennial Celebration Ambrose - 11am Members & Past Members only - details are being finalised.
  • Friday 4 & Saturday 5 March - 2 Day Summer Classic
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While this is not usually the way you play this hole, we can all see the funny side of this caption.

Can you guess which hole he is stuck on?

Well done to his playing companions for getting him onto the fairway again.


2023 Yellow Progamme Book

The programme book is now available in the Club House to members only and as much as we try there are still a couple of mistakes in the books.

1. Mens Programme - March Sun 19 is misprint should be March Thursday 23 for Grandfathers & Great Grandfathers Stableford Trophies - 11.30am Start.

2.  The incorrect Aorangi Programme had not been replaced. Attached to this email is the corrrect 2023 and as we all know that is subject to constant changes.

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