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2023 Womens Club Championships


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Bev Green, Shelly Flintoft, Sharyn Kake, Cath Boothryd



Sunday 8 October 2023, the day of the Pleasant Point Club Championships, dawned with a mixture of sun and cloud.  It looked like the perfect day to play golf.   The players who were playing in the finals must have breathed sighs of relief regarding the weather, as they prepared for their games. Top up the water bottle, something to eat to keep the energy levels up during the game, make sure that you have your shoes and socks packed and ready to go, etc.   The golf course was looking picturesque and impeccable as usual, with challenging pin placements for this special day.

Daph Campbell and Ann Whitley, the Bronze Division 3 girls, started off the day’s play, by teeing off just after 9 am.  Six minutes later they were followed by the Bronze 2 Division girls, Mary McIlraith and Judy Hamer.  Then, six minutes after that came the Bronze 1 Division girls, Cath Boothroyd and Sharyn Kake.  They were followed by the Silver Division girl’s, Shelly Flintoft and Bev Green, who were the last of the field in the ladies’ competition.  As expected, all the games were fiercely contested, much to the delight of the club members who had turned up to support the players. There were familiar faces in the gallery of observers, such as past players who have reluctantly put their clubs away, but came to enjoy the competition.  It was a thrill to see Bernie Wilson the club patron ,enjoying both the women’s and men’s contests.

The winners, and those who came second, in the women’s division were as follows…

Silver Division - Bev Green. Runner Up - Shelly Flintoft

Bronze 1 Division - Sharyn Kake. Runner Up - Cath Boothroyd

Bronze 2 Division - Judy Hamer. Runner Up - Mary McIlraith

Bronze 3 Division - Ann Whitley.  Runner Up - Daph Campbell

As soon as all the players had finished they were presented with a certificate  as a personal memory for all the players.  The day ended with a photograph to be added to the Club’s records.

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Ann Whitley, Daph Campbell, Mary McIlraith, Judy Hamer



2023  Mens Club Championships


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Marcus Tessier, Craig Burnett, Warren Leslie, Peter Dixon, Jeff Paul



2023 Club Championships dominate the months golf with the finals being played on the 8th October over 36 holes.

Senior saw Marcus Tessier 7 up after 18 holes against Craig Burnett and going on to win playing 8 holes after the lunch break.

The intermediate was similar with Warren Leslie 7 up at the lunch break against Darrell Milne who never totally recovered with Warren winning.

However the junior grades were much closer seeing Peter Dixon winning from Jeff  Paul after 34 holes in junior A, and Trevor Johnson finally defeating Shane Dowling after 39 holes in junior B.

The winners and runners up Mens Club Championships were:-

Senior - Marcus Tessier and runner up Craig Burnett

Intermediate - Warren Leslie and runner up Darrell Milne

Junior A - Peter Dixon and runner up Jeff Paul

Junior B -  Trevor Johnson and runner up Shane Dowling


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Warren Leslie & Darrell Milne


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Shane Dowling & Trevor Johnson


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